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Get Customised Vastu of different industries: Hospitals, Pub & Bars, Restaurants, Spa & Massage centers, Healing centres, Hotels, Resorts.

Vastu for Factory

A factory with best in class machinery and experts is not alone enough to achieve the growth and success it can achieve. Directions, earth energy, placement and several other factors are critical to attaining wealth, health, prosperity, peace, employees and labor satisfaction. Vastu of the factory also avoids accidents, payment block, and unexpected events; if you are facing any such problem, please get in touch with us to find prevailing reasons in your factory.

Tips for improvisation of Vastu for Factory

  • Raw material should be placed in the North-East Vastu sector of the factory
  • West Vastu Sector to be used in placing the Finished goods
  • Production machine should be avoided from the Vastu Sector between South & South-West as it causes poor quality production & high percentage of defective material.
  • North-West sector’s energy to be high, anti-clockwise & in upward direction to avoid Government Department issue & garner support from the workers
  • Avoid Toilet in North / North-East / West / East / South-East / South-West / South sectors of the factory .If toilet is present in the above mentioned sectors then get it treated.
  • Remove Green & brown colour from South-West Vastu Sector of the factory & energy flow to be Conical& in upward direction so as to ensure quality production , minimum defects & enhanced skill of the worker

Vastu for Showroom

The prime objective of establishing a showroom or shop is to create a brand that is identified by the target audience. The right balance of earth energy plays the essential role in positive energy within and around your showroom which leads to increase in customer footfalls, maintaining goodwill and keeping the competition threat at bay. Our Vastu consultants with in-depth knowledge and strong expertise in making showrooms and shops compliant to Vastu Shastra and correcting energy patterns both for your new and already occupied showroom.

Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya has helped owners of showrooms from different business selling a variety of products including Electronics Showrooms, Consumer Durables Showrooms, Jewelry Showrooms and Automobile Showrooms. Corrections suggested in aspects like location, directions, placement of merchandise, layout, cash counter by Acharya helped them to get maximum profit, bring prosperity and economic growth. Acharya will help you to remove energy defects and sustain the long-term growth for you.

Some tips to improvise Vastu for Showroom

  • Place slow moving stock in the zone between North & North-West of your showroom& energy
  • flow of this sector of your showroom should be high, anti-clockwise, spreading in nature& upward movement
  • Cash Counter to be placed in South –East Vastu Sector of your showroom with conical energy pattern
  • Avoid placing any product between South & South-West Vastu Sector of your showroom. Energy to be clockwise & conical in nature .
  • Remove Red & Yellow Colour from the North Vastu Sector of your showroom to ensure customer flow
  • Avoid Toilet in North / North-East / West / East / South-East / South-West / South sectors of the factory .If toilet is present in the above mentioned sectors then get it treated without demolition
  • Remove Green Plants & Green/Brown colour from South-West Vastu Sector of your showroom & energy of this sector to be cylindrical & upward direction.