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Vastu for Home

We are just like the buildingwhere we live . ( jaisi building ki energy waisa waha rahne walo ki soch (thought process) ho jati hai. So we can say That we are our building.

Sick building syndrome

  • If a building is sick in terms of growth – residents experience de-growth in their life.
  • If a building is sick in terms of relationship – residents experience relationship issue with their family member & Clients/Customers
  • If a building is sick in terms of money flow– residents experience cash flow issues.
  • If a building is sick in terms of health– residents experience health problems .

Right Vastu and Earth Energy Balance have a notable influence on the prosperity of the people residing in the home. Houses designed under the guidance of Vastu experts renders harmony, peaceful environment which in turn attracts fortune, wealth, health, and harmony in life. Energy patterns play a vital role in occupant’s psychology, health, finances and every other aspect of life; it becomes critical to make corrections in energy pattern flaws by balancing earth energy with Vastu remedies. Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya has helped his clients by effectively guiding corrections without demolition. Minor changes guided by Acharya can lead to the significant positive turn around in your life towards health, prosperity, wealth, and happiness in the life. Vastu has the power to enable right sync between Earth Energy, Cosmic Energy, and your energy; this sync will assure rhythm in your physical and spiritual self. That leads to the betterment of every aspect of life.

Vastu tips for home

  • Remove Red family colour (red/pink/orange/maroon) from North & North-East Vastu sectors of your home for growth , Intelligence & Right decision . Energy flow of these sectors Of your home should be high , spreading in nature& in upward direction.
  • Strictly Avoid bedroom in the sector between East & South-East to overcome stress & agitation in life
  • Remove Green plants & Green / Brown colour from the South-West Vastu sector of your home for better relationship with family members & clients/customers
  • Remove mirror & blue/black colour from South & south-East Vastu sectors
  • Avoid Toilet in the Vastu sector between North & North-East of your home as toilet in this sector causes cancer.
  • Avoid Toilet in North / North-East / West / East / South-East / South-West / South sectors of the factory .If toilet is present in the above mentioned sectors then get it treated without demolition
  • Avoid Kitchen in the vastu sector between North & North-East of your home as it causes breast cancer . If replacement is not possible then kindly get this sector treated .
  • Place sharp objects (knife,scissors, forks etc) in the vastu sector between South-East & South of your home
  • To optimize the child concentration in study – Treat Toilet & Remove Red & Green family colour, TV , washing machine from the Vastu Sector between West & South-West
  • Strictly avoid bedroom in South-West Vastu Sector as sleeping in this sector causes blood sugar & blood pressure due to a particular kind of energy present there .
  • Strictly avoid bedroom in the Vastu Sector between West & North-West of your home as sleeping in this sector causes thyroid problem.
  • Strictly avoid bedroom in the Vastu Sector between South & South-West of your home as sleeping in this sector causes stomach ailment & wasteful effort .
  • North-West Vastu Sector of your home should have anti-clockwise upward movement energy patter – This garners external support from Financial institution , customers , vendors etc .
  • Washing machine & mixer-grinder strictly to be placed in these vastu sectors only
    • VastuSector Between East & South-East
    • VastuSector Between West & North-West
    • Vastu Sector Between South & South-West