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In 2 Day Vastu fundamental course you will be able to perceive the basics of Vastu Shastra – the proper detection of 8 Earth Vastu zones & 8 Earth Vastu junctions and identification of difficulty, the cause of worry then applying Earth Vastu methods for creating harmony in a given building.

The entire sessions will be full of case study, practical on those case studies.

In these 2 Day you will masters the below aspects:

  • 1. What is Earth Vastu?
  • 2. How to examine a given building plan?
  • 3. Learn to identify various entrances in a given building/Campus and methods to block negative entries.
  • 4. How to identify child room, master bedroom, washing location, toilets, drawing room, pooja room and child study room
  • 5. How to avoid depression, addiction, health issue, aggression in child behaviour.
  • 6. Learn to apply different Earth Vastu remedies 2D & 3D to get exact result.
  • 7. Learn the theory of 5 elements.
  • 8. Learn 8 Earth Vastu Zones and 8 Earth Vastu junctions and their characteristics features.
  • 9. DO’s & DON’T’s of interior designing.
  • 10. How Earth Vastu energy of a building is responsible for the right Karma.