With the rapid Globalization and Free Trade rapid Industrialization is the need of the hour today.

Vastu being a traditional science of architecture every industry should take the benefits of proper vastu techniques to boost the accomplishments and achievements of a company as well as people who are associated with that company.
Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya is the pioneer of Industrial Vastu™ course & techniques while imparting consultancy to clients. Proper Vastu treatment of any Industry takes care of Profit, sale, support from banks, productivity, avoiding blocked payments. employee retention & satisfaction, skill enhancement among the skilled labour, minimum defective production, NIL casuality be it Factory, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Food Industry, Restaurants, Bio-technology, Aviation Industry, Healing Centre etc


In the wake of the new trend of Vastu for industries and businesses Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya who is one of the known names in the industry from past 19 years in the Indian market has developed a one-of-its-kind of Team of "Advanced Industrial Vastu™ Consultants" who will be providing consultancy to different Sick & NPA Industries - Pan India. This will strengthen our country on the economic front enabling the country to compete with the developed nations .

Why Us ?

All the practical experience which Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya has gained over the years have been summed up in the form of ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL VASTU™ Consultancy. Now he is ready to disperse and impart that hard-earned knowledge in the most refined and distilled way through this course to all his Team of Advanced Industrial Vastu™ Consultants who will be providing consultancy Pan India & US /UK & Canada .

We at “Advanced Industrial Vastu™” are working on “Vastu Shastra “ our ancient science blended with the contemporary science for different Industries , Home , Office or any building . We are the pioneers in the field of Industrial Vastu. Vastu Consultant Dr. Vikramaditya ji is the Founder of “Advanced Industrial Vastu™”. He has been serving in this field form the past 19 years. Vastu Experts & Consultants from different area of India & foreign land will be the participants of the program. We will be running Courses of Vastu for enabling young generation learn the ancient science for holistic living of our own society. To mark everyone aware we are Coming up Pan India ; US / UK & Canada for spreading our ancient knowledge in order to give benefit to the society with 24 centers Pan India & Abroad. From our 24 centers we will be catering social cause as well-providing free service for Depression, Health Issues, Child Education, Drug – addiction among children & Youth; Rude behavior of children etc. We are also working to uplift different Industries of India / Sick / NPA which will help our country on the economic front & to compete with the Developed Nation. Keeping this vision in mind we will be producing approx 700 Advanced Industrial Vastu™ Consultants who will be treating different Industries of India – Factory , Hospitals , Shopping Malls , Hotels , Food Industry , Restaurants , Bio-technology , Aviation Industry , Healing Centre etc. We are coming up with 2 Day Vastu Fundamental course, 5 Day Advanced Vastu & Astro-Vastu Course ; 6 Day Advanced Industrial Vastu™ Course and many other courses on ancient Science. For the Social cause -Very Soon We are also conducting one Day Free course for House wives & women On women empowerment by Vastu methodology which will cover very effective & easy techniques . This course will be conducted Pan India on 20 Locations & 3 location of US / UK & Canada.